DxOMark writers

Ben Boswell

Ben Boswell has worked for 30 years in the photographic industry, starting out in retail he reached the level of marketing manager for Hasselblad (UK) Limited.  Ben has a particular interest in the things that make photography different from other visual artforms: focus, movement, exposure, angle of view.   Years of explaining the technicalities of photography to customers have left Ben with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of how a camera captures a picture and how the choices made while taking the picture will affect the result.


David Cardinal

David Cardinal is a veteran travel and nature photographer, with two decades of experience reviewing photo gear, as well as a technology journalist and tech industry veteran -- having written for publications including PC Magazine, Photoshop User, Outdoor Photographer, Studio Photography & Design, Extremetech.com, and Ars Technica. His digital imaging expertise -- dating back to his early career in Silicon Valley startups -- allows him to serve as a Datacolor Expert, and frequent speaker at B&H Photo in New York. He co-authored The D1 Generation, one of the first books on digital photography. David leads a number of small-group photo tours each year to diverse locations including Alaska, Texas, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


Paul Carroll

Paul is a commercial photographer, freelance journalist and self-confessed camera geek with over 10 years digital imaging experience. A technical writer on Digital Photo Magazine until 2010 and a freelance contributor to the UK photo press since, Paul has reviewed many of the latest developments in digital photography equipment and gained a wealth of expert knowledge on the way. Paul continues to write freelance for the UK photo press where his reviews have appeared in publications such as Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Professional Photography Magazine and Photography Monthly Magazine.


Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter started his career in photography taking environmental portraits over three decades ago. For the last ten years or so, he has been a full-time freelance journalist and editorial photographer, and has written numerous technical articles, hardware and software reviews and has had many images published both in print and around the web. He has been fortunate to of used most modern film and digital cameras and various lenses as a reviewer, while his preference for the Mac is balanced by the practicality of the PC and willingly runs both side-by-side.


Chasseur d'Images

Chasseur d'Images, the first European magazine dedicated to photography, has chosen to rely on DxOMark Mobile technology for its new section devoted to smartphone image quality measurement.


Janice Chen

Janice Chen has been covering technology for over two decades, most recently having blogged about digital cameras at ZDNet for four years. Formerly editor in chief at CNET and Computer Shopper magazine, Janice has evaluated tech products for a multitude of television, print, and online outlets. She got her hands on a Nikon Coolpix 900 in 1998 and has been a digital camera enthusiast ever since. A graduate of Cornell University, she resides in the New York City area with her husband (a professional photographer who shot his last roll of film in 2003) and two daughters. 

David Newton

A professional photographer, technical writer and respected photo tutor, Dave has been in the photo industry for over a decade. He is the former technical editor of EOS Magazine and Canon Professional Network and is regularly published in various UK photo magazines and on the web. He is a SanDisk Extreme Team member and regular presenter for both SanDisk and Canon at trades shows across Europe, he also runs training seminars and masterclasses for other photographers, helping them understand their equipment and get the best out of their cameras.